Deconstruction and reconstruction

Deconstruction and reconstruction of a building

For a historic building to be dismantled at its original location and reconstructed at the Salzburg Open-Air Museum, extensive research and a long series of operations is required, before the object can finally be reopened at the museum:

  • Exact architectural-historical inventory at the original location: survey of the building, creation of a dismantling plan
  • Photographic documentation of all details
  • Dendrochronological research of the building structure with reference to potential modifications
  • Recovery and inventory of the existing original interior decoration
  • Coverage of the social and historic basics in interviews and archiving
  • Numbering the parts of the building to be dismantled.
  • Step by step deconstruction of the building
  • Reconstruction of the building true to the original following the deconstruction plan from a verified point of reference, complementation and restoration of damaged or missing parts
  • Furnishing the rooms with respect to the relevant timeframe

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